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Front Street Consulting

by Justin Freid on April 14, 2011

Hey guys,

If you happen to land here on this website and are looking for SEO or SEM services, I recently launched Front Street Consulting, an internet marketing company. Please visit www.Frontstreetconsulting.com.


Local Search Experiment – What Does It Take To Rank?

by Justin Freid on October 22, 2010

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving sub-par search results in the local 10 pack on Google. Restaurants that don’t offer the type of food I search for or businesses that do not offer the services I searched for.

This got me wondering what exactly it takes to have a local business or site rank at the top of the 10 pack. Will having the city or town in the URL and a few back links be enough? Or does Google take much more into account? I have put together to see if just having a keyword in the URL and some quality back links is enough.

I also choose to attempt to do this in a pretty competitive market, online dating. There are a ton of affiliates out there running ads for online dating. I also chose cities that are pretty well populated.

So here is the test:

Industry – Online dating

Four domains purchased

I’ll be linking directly to an affiliate, so the on-page SEO will not be  a part of the first round of this experiment. I’ll be aggressively building links back to these pages focusing on ‘city dating service‘ as my anchor text. My theory is that I should be able to get these showing up in the local 10 pack within two weeks.

I’ll report back in a few weeks.


Google Adds Horizontal Arrow To Top Paid Search Lisitng

October 1, 2010

Google recently updated search results pages and added a blue horizontal arrow that points to the top paid search results. Will this have an effect on CTR of paid search ads?

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Tips To Write Effective PPC Text Ads

August 29, 2010

Creating high converting text ads for search engine marketing is no easy task, but there are certain key factors that can help you create ads that both grab the attention of the searcher and lead them along through the conversion process. Below is a breakdown of the sections of a text ad and certain items […]

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Justin Freid Talks PPC Best Practices on The NuSpark Marketing Show

August 9, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of joining Paul Mosenson of NuSpark marketing to talk about PPC best practices on the NuSpark Marketing Radio Show. During the show we touch on subjects such as ClickEquations PPC Software, campaign structure, writing text ad copy, SEO and PPC working together and other PPC best practices. Give it a […]

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